Our Story

Our Story

Our founders Charles and his wife Juwita were first inspired to begin their journey growing vanilla after seeing their children Zachary and Tokiyo's love of nature and plants. So, from humble beginnings, the 'Mireia' seed was planted. In the early days back in 2017, they decided to take a leap of faith and began growing Vanilla in the backyard.

Along the way, they learned the fine art of cultivating vanilla from local experts across the world. In 2019 Mireia was officially established as a company in the family’s home base of Singapore. As a family of four, they love spending quality time learning how to grow organic fruits and vegetables together. They’ve aligned their business practices to fit their lifestyle and now serve customers globally. They’re thrilled to be able to turn their passion into a business.


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love offering them to you.



Charles, Juwita & Mireia’s wonderful team of treasured artisan farmers.

100% Natural
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