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Our mission is to share these sources of natural goodness with the world whilst helping the local farming communities along the way. As most importantly, we care for the people who produce our products and the land on which it’s grown. Mireia works together with organic farmers in Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.


Our products are ethically sourced, use sustainable agriculture practices, and can be traced back to their source. We would never taint our sweet vanilla with the sourness of theft, greed, or unethical practices. Our team is currently expanding our farms locally in Singapore by working collectively with the Government and other entities to grow our diverse range of quality ingredients and products for our loyal customers. Additionally, Mireia intends to educate students and people in the community, presenting information about sustainable vanilla cultivating practices because knowledge is wealth.

What Our Customers Say

When you meditate, matcha of this excellent quality is perfect: it wakes you up to a very clear state of mind, without any of the jittery feelings one gets from ordinary tea or coffee when you start your day with a cup. In fact, matcha was used by Zen monks to wake up fully for their daily meditation. Amazing product! You will not go wrong with this product…
James Chrisholm
It tastes fantastic and great aroma. It’s organic so no chemicals & I’m supporting organic farmers. The bottle is glass & metal so no plastic packaging. And I just adore the presentation – the cute little jar & the label design is so beautiful. I will buy this again & again !!
Jean Sakur
high quality vanilla and affordable price. highly recommended supplier
Andrea Blanning
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