Mireia’s vanilla and other gourmet products such as coffee, durian powder, pandan powder, and matcha are cultivated using traditional organic farming techniques and processes passed down in generations for countless years. We know and support our farmers on the ground, tracing each and every step an ingredient takes before it arrives at your doorstep. We guarantee no chemicals, synthetic, or imitation flavors are used in our high-quality ingredients.

You will experience intense flavors that tell a story; each product’s meaning and importance is something you won’t find in a giant supermarket aisle.

What Our Customers Say

We love everything about this shop! the vanilla smell are great, packaging nice, and most importantly, the staff were amazing. they give us a lot of explanation and make me comfortable buying the product. highly recommended it!
Christine Tan
Very nice place for buying Vanilla. They have a lot varieties from Indonesia, Madagascar and Tahiti. The quality are superb. Service was good as well. Thank you!
Timothy Chow
I feel like a part of family buying at Mireia. the people are friendly and they are trustworthy. The vanilla beans are fantastic!
Kuvenjaly Dhanita
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