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When ordering in quantity from Mireia – House Of Vanilla, you can expect to save a little on costs. However, gourmet ingredients can be quite expensive to manufacture since cultivating, and preparation are complex and demand a great deal of attention.

When you buy in bulk from us, we still promise to deliver the highest quality ingredients with the utmost care. Purchasing in bulk also saves time and reduces the number of orders you must place, so if you use vanilla or any of our other products frequently at home, in your business, or as a present, purchasing in bulk is most cost-effective and not to mention the delicious option.

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best vanilla in town and a place to build relationships.

John Lee. Bakery Owner.

Our Fans Speak!

This is my first time purchasing Matcha. I was looking for Green Teas and came across this one. I Love the full body flavor and it’s taste it is a wonderful drink. I am going to try some of the recipes that were sent to me and see how they turn out. I would highly recommend Matcha. It’s taste is number 1 in my books and I will buy this product again. I have tried other green Teas but this one really tops all. Well done to this small business keep up the good work and don’t ever let anyone change your product.
I love the package and clean products. The vanilla is fresh, long and plump, it is excellent products. I will buy again for sure.
Chef Phillip
The beans are plump and just chock full of seeds. I had no problem splicing and scraping out plenty of seeds. I definitely will be back to purchase again.
I have been drinking Green tea and matcha tea for years because of the health benefits. I have used several different brands at several different quality levels. I am very happy with this tea and will continue to order from them as this company and the tea’s they offer are very good. I also did some research about the company and liked what I learned about the company and their products.
Thank you, Mireia, for providing us a beautiful Vanilla for our Cafe Highly recommended
Bakery Fanatic

If you have questions about bulk buying,
please write to us and we give you the lower price than you have now!

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