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Indulge in Sweet Perfection with Vanilla Sugar

At Mireia Singapore Vanilla, we believe that every culinary creation should be a masterpiece of flavor. Our Vanilla Sugar, crafted with meticulous care, is designed to infuse your dishes with the sweet essence of vanilla. Made from the finest sugar and vanilla beans, or sugar mixed with premium vanilla extract, our vanilla sugar is a versatile ingredient that enhances both sweet and savory recipes. Elevate your baking and cooking endeavors with the delightful touch of vanilla sugar.

Pure Sweetness with a Vanilla Kiss:

Our Vanilla Sugar embodies the perfect union of sugar and vanilla, offering a delightful sweetness infused with the aromatic essence of premium vanilla. It’s a pure and indulgent addition to your culinary arsenal.

Versatile and Delicious:

Vanilla Sugar is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of culinary creations:

  • Baking: Elevate your baked goods to gourmet levels by incorporating vanilla sugar. From apple pies to snickerdoodles, the subtle infusion of vanilla adds depth and complexity to your desserts.
  • Desserts: Create restaurant-quality crème brûlée and light, airy pavlova with the sweet sophistication of vanilla sugar.
  • Savory Dishes: Don’t limit vanilla sugar to desserts; it also shines in savory recipes. Use it to add a touch of sweetness to acidic foods like barbecue sauce and vinaigrette, elevating the flavor profile of your savory creations.

A Sweet Kiss of Excellence:

Mireia Vanilla Sugar is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and flavor. It’s a secret ingredient that professional chefs and home cooks alike rely on to create culinary masterpieces.

Elevate Your Culinary Journey:

Experience the magic of Mireia Vanilla Sugar and open up a world of possibilities in your kitchen. Whether you’re indulging in desserts or experimenting with savory delights, this sweet touch of vanilla will delight your taste buds and elevate your dishes.

Order your Vanilla Sugar today and embark on a culinary adventure filled with exquisite sweetness and aromatic wonders.

Mireia Singapore Vanilla: Elevating Culinary Excellence, One Spoonful at a Time.







Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


1 to a few teaspoons of vanilla sugar

  • Rich in antioxidants, it boosts your immune system.
  • The pungent aroma of vanilla impacts the nerves induces feelings of calmness and relieves stress.
  • It helps to ease respiratory conditions, aiding in the relief of respiratory ailments. When you have a cough, cold, or respiratory infection, mixing vanilla with little warm water coats the throat and acts as an anesthetic. The antibacterial characteristics relieve inflammation and discomfort.
  • It promotes healthy digestion; drinking vanilla with tea is a natural remedy that instantly soothes gut inflammation and helps with other digestion problems like cramping, stomachaches, and diarrhea.

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