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Explore Exotic Delights: Indonesia Vanilla Beans – Premium Grade A

Mireia Singapore Vanilla is thrilled to present our Premium Grade A Indonesia Vanilla Beans, an exotic treasure that brings the richness of the Indonesian soil to your culinary creations. These beans are the perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess reminiscent of their Madagascar cousins, but they also boast a more intricate flavor profile that culminates in distinctive earthy and woody undertones. With their ability to stand up to robust flavors like chocolate and caramel, these Indonesia Vanilla Beans are your key to unlocking gourmet excellence.

A Symphony of Sweetness and Complexity:

Our Premium Grade A Indonesia Vanilla Beans shine with their sweet and creamy notes, reminiscent of the renowned Madagascar beans. However, they don’t stop there. These beans are known for their unique and complex flavor profile, which adds depth and character to your dishes.

Earthy/Woody Undertones: The magic of Indonesia Vanilla Beans reveals itself in the endnotes. As you savor each bite or sip, you’ll notice subtle earthy and woody undertones that create a memorable finish, setting them apart from their Madagascar counterparts.

Perfect for Bold Flavors:

Indonesia Vanilla Beans are your secret weapon when it comes to enhancing dishes with robust flavors:

  1. Chocolate Creations: Elevate your chocolate desserts to a new level by introducing the complex notes of Indonesia Vanilla Beans. The synergy between the sweet and earthy undertones and chocolate is a match made in culinary heaven.
  2. Caramel Delights: Enhance the depth and richness of caramel in your creations by incorporating these beans. Their complexity beautifully complements caramel’s sweetness.
  3. Savory Dishes: Don’t limit yourself to desserts. Indonesia Vanilla Beans can add a unique twist to savory dishes, such as savory sauces, stews, and more, where their versatile flavor profile shines.

The Taste of Exotic Excellence:

Our Indonesia Vanilla Beans, Premium Grade A, are selected with meticulous care to ensure that you receive the highest quality beans. Plump, fragrant, and bursting with flavor, they embody the essence of Indonesian culinary excellence.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations:

Experience the allure of Indonesia Vanilla Beans and introduce a world of sweet creaminess and complex flavors to your dishes. Whether it’s chocolates, caramels, or savory delights, these beans will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Order your Indonesia Vanilla Beans today and embark on a culinary adventure filled with exotic flavors and unique undertones.

Mireia Singapore Vanilla: Elevating Culinary Excellence, One Bean at a Time.







Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


Cut each end off from the vanilla bean and slice through the vanilla bean lengthwise, remove the paste from inside the vanilla bean and use as needed.

  • Rich in antioxidants, it boosts your immune system.
  • The pungent aroma of vanilla impacts the nerves induces feelings of calmness and relieves stress.
  • It helps to ease respiratory conditions, aiding in the relief of respiratory ailments. When you have a cough, cold, or respiratory infection, mixing vanilla with little warm water coats the throat and acts as an anesthetic. The antibacterial characteristics relieve inflammation and discomfort.
  • It promotes healthy digestion; drinking vanilla with tea is a natural remedy that instantly soothes gut inflammation and helps with other digestion problems like cramping, stomachaches, and diarrhea.

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